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Purely-Zinc Plus

Purely-Zinc Plus with Styrian Austrian pumpkin seed powder is the only zinc whole food supplement available.

Oregan Oil 120 Front

Oreganol P73 Gelcaps

Our Oreganol P73 Vegan Friendly Gelcaps are in an easy-to-take tapioca vegetable gelatin gelcap. It is truly a one of a kind gelcap that is ideal for those who take the oil internally and is available in 60 or 120 capsules.

Oregano Oil 1oz Front Label

Oreganol P73 Oil – 1 fl oz.

There is no substitute for Oreganol P73, the original, truly wild, organic, oregano oil that is produced by old-fashioned steam distillation. Our P73 daily use formula is the only unprocessed, full-spectrum wild oregano oil available.

Purely-C 120 grams powder front label


Purely-C is unique, because it contains wild fruit complexes, including Peruvian Amazon camu camu and wild Mediterranean Rhus coriaria, provided well over the minimum requirement for vitamin C in a single capsule.

EssentiaClenz Cleansing Mist

Room mist air cleanser, deodorizes and freshens. Enjoy cleanliness without chemicals. EssentiaClenz Cleansing Mist is the purest, most natural room spray available.

EssentiaClenz front label

EssentiaClenz Natural Soap

EssentiaClenz is the purest, most natural soap available. Made with only natural ingredients. Nothing can match its cleanliness powers.

OregaSpray 2oz Front Label


OregaSpray gives you the opportunity to use nothing other than wild spice oils for cleansing and deodorizing your environment.

OregaRESP 90 Capsules Front Label

OregaRESP Powder Caps

This is the original desiccated multiple spice oil complex. Ultra-potent support for the immune and respiratory systems.

OregaWell 60 Front

kid-e-kare OregaWell

Utilizing the oregano P73 formula for children, OregaWell is a wonderful source of natural phenols, minerals, and vital nutrients and the are made with certified-wild oregano oil, cumin oil, sage oil, and ginger oil.

Orega-Cinn 2oz Front Label

Kid-e-Kare Orega-cinn

kid-e-kare Orega-cinn oil of oregano is the ideal wild oregano formula for children. Both wild oregano and cinnamon oils have known health-supporting properties.

kid-e-kare Kids-C Plus

Kids-C provides the unique powers of natural source vitamin C, plus flavinoids and buffered minerals, as found in nature.

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