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OregaShield front label


OregaShield is a topical immune support formula. It’s the world’s first constant-release wild oregano oil formula.

GingaMax tea 3oz label

GingaMax Tea

GingaMax tea is the maximum strength wild Ceylon ginger for boosting overall health and supporting digestive health.

GingaMax capsules front label


GingaMax is the most aromatic, potent, wild Ceylon ginger available. It supports all digestive needs in a potent way.

Power-Pull 50ml Front Label

Power Pull

Power-Pull is the power of cold-pressed extra virgin black seed oil, and organic hemp seed oil for supporting gum and teeth health.


This is the micellized, water-soluble form of wild Oreganol P73. The ideal form of wild oregano oil for children and pets.

OregaWell 60 Front

kid-e-kare OregaWell

They are specifically designed for children, and they’re easy-to-swallow small gelcaps, making it easy for children to take.

kid-e-kare Kids-C Plus

Kids-C provides the unique powers of natural source vitamin C, plus flavinoids and buffered minerals, as found in nature.

kid-e-kare Ear-eez

This soothing, natural formula is blended from the finest garlic, black seed, sage, & wild bay leaf oils to support children’s ears.

kid-e-kare Rubbing Oil

kid-e-kare Rubbing Oil works directly through the skin. Only the finest natural oils are used for this topical immune support.


Resp-Immune is a combination of Mediterranean black seed plus wild oregano P-73 oil & essence for bronchial lung, and congestions support.

Purely-Zinc Plus

Purely-Zinc Plus with Styrian Austrian pumpkin seed powder is the only zinc whole food supplement available. Rich in ionic zinc it is also an excellent source of magnesium, manganese, copper, iron and phosphorous.

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